Stacy Shey

First Impressions

Some teenage girls come off as more mature and developed than others. I would peg Stacy Shey as the type that seems more mature. Just based on the tour she seems a little more advanced than the girls that pose in nothing but pastel tank tops and t-shirts. That makes her more interesting to me. She has a lovely smile, expressive eyes and lovely hair that seems to undergo lots of style changes (don´t underestimate the importance of hair). She gives us some information about herself too and I love being able to build a little bit of a connection. The candid pics are a nice touch.

Hot Promises

Stacy Shey promises that she´s going to have super hot masturbation scenes in the member´s area and then she lets you watch a short preview video where you can see some touching and admire her hot body. She has the graphic for high definition video up so I assume she´s promising that too. Weekly updates, fully nude sets and exclusivity are also promised. The site is relatively new so Stacy is almost entirely fresh. If you´re looking for something new she might be just the girl for you.


Based on the dates on her content Stacy Shey has been producing since November 2009. That means her site is as fresh as fresh can be. She updates twice a week with one picture gallery and one video. She also does regular webcam shows that you can tune in to. When the show is over she puts up a gallery of screen captures to give you a chance to get a sense that you were there. She is a tremendously hot chick and when she puts on a show like that you don´t want to miss out.

The Stacy Shey pictures can be downloaded in a zip file and of course you can browse them online. They display at 1200px and the photography is always good. The pictures are crystal clear, the lighting is good and she´s always put in the right settings for the images to look their best. So far she´s made 17 galleries for you and she will continue to pump out fresh content while you enjoy her content. There are some tasty picture sets in here too.

I mentioned in the intro that Stacy is a more sophisticated and elegant chick. She could have gone the route of the cute teen but there are thousands of girls like that online and she wanted to do something different. I love her approach. Like any solo girl she has to pose in interesting and sexy outfits to keep her fans intrigued and I say she´s done a wonderful job of it. Lingerie is a big part of the site so you can expect sexy bra and panty sets, beautiful camisoles and the occasional slip. One of my favorite sets is an exceptionally simple panty and strapless bra set with the classic animal print design. I love that kinky animal print action.

Other excellent sets include her posing in a pink lace halter bra and panty set with stockings, a lovely little black bra and panty set with red trim, a sheer pink chemise that zips right up the middle with black fishnet stockings and a wicked hot white satin bra and panty set with black lace trim. It´s more than just lingerie though. There´s a magnificent gallery that will turn on the sweater fetish guys. She poses in a white cable knit sweater and a pair of panties and she has her glasses on to look like the smart, slightly nerdy girl that she probably is. She rocks a pair of boxing loves to look like a sexy pugilist. She also busts out a sexy bikini every now and then because she has the kind of body that should be modeled in a bikini.

Stacy Shey is fond of masturbating and while she does a little bit of that in the picture sets it really gets frisky in the videos. There are 15 videos so far and as I mentioned they are updated weekly. You can instantly stream the movies in the Flash player or you can download them in WMV and MP4. Download speeds were occasionally erratic for me but I almost always got more than 1mb/sec so I had little trouble bringing down the sizable files. When a girl makes high definition videos for her fans they´re bound to be big. The fact that most movies are less than ten minutes restrains the growth of the video files though.

The masturbation is what the movies are largely about. Stacy Shey has dildos and fingers to pleasure herself and she uses them with abandon. She will shove her fingers deep inside her wet box and moan. She will rub her clit. She will bring out one of her favorite toys and fuck it right into her pussy and even though she´s not with a man it´s pretty easy to imagine what that would look like or what it would feel like to replace that dildo with your own dick. She makes a lot of noise when she masturbates too and listening to all of that is fantastic. The moans of pleasure, the groaning about how good it feels and more is just awesome.

Stacy Shey holds webcam chats on what looks like a weekly basis. She doesn´t lay out her webcam schedule though so it can be a tad frustrating. The reason you don´t see her schedule is that there are usually so many other shows to watch and they only list 10 on the page. Joining Stacy´s site gets you access to a network of webcam shows and you´ll generally be able to watch 2-3 a day. That alone is worth the membership fee if you ask me. If you miss one of Stacy´s shows you can check the pics section for small screenshots of how it went down. They don´t compare to the actual show but they look good. Her diary is a series of really short entries that are typically about what she did that day. It´s a far cry from connection but it´s all you get. The girlfriends page has a tiny number of galleries from other girls. The wallpaper page has only two desktop decorations so it´s not much use at this point.

Croco’s Opinion

Stacy Shey is a lovely young brunette with a new site on which she shows of her pussy, her perky tits and her lust for masturbation. If it´s a fresh young model you´re looking for she might be the one. She´s only been online for a few months but she´s off to a great start. She produces a new picture gallery and a new video every week and she typically does a webcam show too. You can also access the webcam shows of her girlfriends for a thrill. There are typically 2-3 a day. Stacy likes to model sexy lingerie, bikinis and the occasional cute outfit. She always gets nude and it looks pretty damn awesome. If she keeps updating the site will be a great resource for pleasure. If you like the way she looks on the tour you´ll like the member´s area.


The site is well designed so it´s easy to get around. They could use a few screenshots for each scene though.

Pricing Policy

It´s $24.95 every 30 days recurring.

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